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"Giant Story Book" project for Liverpool primary schools

In the Story Giant’s memory exists every tale ever told - except for one, which has eluded him for millennia. In a last desperate attempt to track down this lost tale, he draws four children from the different corners of the globe into his castle while they sleep, there to exchange the tales they know from their own cultures, to see if between them they can piece together the elusive missing story.

If he cannot track it down and install it in his memory, the whole facade of the castle will crumble and fall, and the Story Giant himself will die. And if he does, so will all the stories, and the world will be a poorer, duller, grimmer place.

This beautiful story by Liverpool author Brian Patten, is to be reimagined for the stage by the Everyman Company in spring 2017.

Can you think of a story that’s never been told?

To thank our local schools and develop stronger links with our neighbours, we’re offering up to 10 Liverpool primary schools the chance to join us for our incredible Giant Story Book project.

The project will include at least:

- Two artist visits to your school in the weeks leading up to the production
- Input and access to a scheme of work which will be delivered during February and March
- A two page spread for your school in a giant wooden book, displayed in the Everyman
- Great value tickets to The Story Giant ( Thu 13 to Sat 29 April) for students, and a free teacher place for every 10 tickets you buy (tickets are £13 each, and are the only element you will need to pay for)

You can take part in the project completely FREE, provided your school is in the Liverpool borough and you book at least 30 seats for the production.

For more information about the Learning Programme, please contact our Learning Manager, via email [email protected] or call 0151 706 9111.

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