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Whistleblowing, national security & freedom of speech

Post-show discussion: Thursday 3rd November

Join a select panel of guest speakers including Loz Kaye, former leader of the UK Pirate Party, who will lead a discussion around whistleblowing, issues of national security, freedom of speech and copywriting based on themes from The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning.

Loz Kaye
Loz Kaye

Loz Kaye, who is a sought after media commentator, campaigner and debater. Formerly Leader of the UK Pirate Party he has had hands on experience heading a radical movement. Media includes BBC, CNN, RT and The Guardian. Appearances include for Demos, FutureEverything, the LSE, the FT “Rethink the Internet” conference, the Peoples’ Assembly and the Adam Smith Institute.

John Graham Davies
John Graham Davies

Loz will be joined by John Graham Davies, an actor, writer and a member of Momentum in the Labour Party. His play about the great Liverpool anti-slavery campaigner Edward Rushton, Unsung (co-written by James Quinn), premiered at the Everyman in March 2016.

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning is at the Playhouse Studio, Wednesday 2 November to Saturday 5 November.