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The Rivals reviews

The Telegraph review, The Rivals
The Telegraph review, The Rivals

“The laughs come thick and fast.”
“Lucy Briggs-Owen is a complete hoot.”
“It’s a very handsomely-staged production, with sumptuous and detailed 18th century costumes, and some impressive wigs.”

Liverpool ECHO (four stars)

“Remarkably fresh and accessible.”
“Outstanding performances all round – hugely entertaining.”
“Lucy Briggs-Owen’s strikingly effective performance as Lydia gives her the style of speech, the facial expressions and the self-absorbed histrionics of somebody in a present day reality TV show.”

Merseysider Magazine (five stars)

What' review, The Rivals
What' review, The Rivals

“The Rivals will have you first of all giggling, then chuckling then out-and-out guffawing all the way home, filled with joy and not a little sadness that very nearly three hours have gone by so quickly.”
Purple Revolver (five stars) 

“A production of high regard.”
“The superb Julie Legrand as Mrs. Malaprop is tremendously uproarious and elegantly irreverent.”

Liverpool Sound and Vision (9/10)

“This charming story is both fast paced and exceedingly humorous.”
“An exquisite piece of theatre. A treat for all generations, it is a production made with love, about love and one that you will love for all time.”

Low Down 

Bristol Post review, The Rivals
Bristol Post review, The Rivals

“There is not a single instance of a performer not giving their all to the seamless realisation of a rounded and recognisable character.”
The State of the Arts

“This latest production of Sheridan’s play is the very pineapple of perfection.”
Liverpool Underlined 

“The entire cast have enormous fun with their lines, tripping out the sharp wit of this comedy of manners at a rattling pace.”
“The real show-stealer is Lucy Briggs Owen, whose Lydia Languish lilts and swoons about the stage, arms flapping and hands fluttering, like something out of Ab-Fab or Made in Chelsea, with the vocal characterisation to match.”

Good News Liverpool 

StageTalk review, The Rivals
StageTalk review, The Rivals

“Masterclass performances from Legrand and Barrit.”
“A joy to behold.”
“Great comedy which rolls along, tongue ever firmly in cheek.”

North West End (four stars)

“There isn’t a weak link in the cast and Dominic Hill is to be highly praised for his direction as are all involved.”
“It is refreshingly delightful to hear and see the wonderful Julie Legrand deliver those hilarious bons mots.”

Theatre World 

“The cast are magnificent.”
“A great night out at the theatre.”

Liverpool Arts Scene (four stars)

Audience reaction, The Rivals
Audience reaction, The Rivals

"As uproariously funny today as it was in 1775."
The Telegraph

"Fun in spades: it rollicks along, with its tongue always fully in cheek." 

"Definitely a must see."

"Sheridan’s witty writing stands the test of time."
Female Arts 

Audience reaction, The Rivals
Audience reaction, The Rivals

"Frenetic and none too subtle."
The Stage 

"A colourful, rollicking staging."
The Reviews Hub 

"A marvellous comedy, full of laughs and love."
Bristol Post

"Engaging revival of Sheridan’s comedy of manners."
The Guardian 

Audience reaction, The Rivals
Audience reaction, The Rivals

The Rivals is at the Playhouse until Saturday 29 October.