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Hopes and dreams

Leanne Best as Educating Rita. Photograph by Dan Kenyon.
Leanne Best as Educating Rita. Photograph by Dan Kenyon.

Head of Development Sarah Randell discusses the value of fulfilling your philanthropic dream by leaving a gift for e&P to use beyond your lifetime...

What are your hopes and dreams? When you think about the future, the long term future beyond your own lifetime, what does it look like? Is the world a better place? Is Liverpool thriving? Are its people leading happy and fulfilled lives? How might you make a difference?

Our dream for the long term is that e&P will continue making theatre that feeds and nourishes the soul; theatre that reflects life in all its fullness; theatre with generous humanity that enriches the lives of people in the diverse communities it serves.

Wishing e&P well for the future, the actor, Neil Pearson, said:

“You have the honour and privilege of being a mouthpiece for the most gloriously mouthy city on earth.”  It’s a responsibility we take seriously, both today and in the years ahead.

An amazing opportunity exists for every man and woman who shares our dream – no matter what your age and stage in life – so we’re sharing it in the genuine hope of inspiring everyone.

Please consider carefully whether leaving a gift to e&P for use beyond your lifetime might be an appropriate and fitting way for you to fulfil your philanthropic dream. If it’s the right choice for you, you’ll have a joyous feeling from knowing that you’ve made provision for the future in this very special way and that your wishes will be met.

The choice is entirely yours whether you tell us about your kind intentions or keep them private - although knowing that you’ve pledged a gift will allow us to treat you in the same way as our other donors by inviting you to events. Whatever your preference, please be assured of our sincere gratitude.

‘Thank you’ seems an inadequate word for such a generous act. But thank you.

If you’d like to discuss leaving a gift to e&P, please contact Sarah Randell, Head of Development on 0151 706 9115 (direct).