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5 minutes with Felipe Pacheco

Felipe Pacheco
YEP Actor Felipe Pacheco

Felipe Pacheco, 19, has been a senior member of YEP for just under one year. Originally from Brazil, Felipe is about to study Theatre and Performance at the University of Surrey. He has a huge passion for physical theatre and dance and, outside of YEP, is also a member of the Wirral based, Off The Ground Theatre...

How did you come to join YEP Actors?

I came to join YEP from doing a show directed by Chris Tomlinson (Director of YEP) over the summer of 2015. I had worked a little with them previously to this, but that summer, I spoke a lot to Tomo about joining, and learnt all about the opportunities YEP had to offer. So, I found out how to get involved, stayed in contact, and was lucky enough to join just as The Environmentalists was beginning. 

What productions have you taken part in so far?

The Environmentalists is technically the only production I have been part of with YEP, but I worked with them previously in the parade for the opening of the new Everyman, and a couple of shows where I collaborated with YEP Actors as part of another local youth theatre.

What’s been your favourite production that you have taken part in?

The collaborative shows I have been a part of with YEP have featured in PhysicalFest, the international physical theatre festival that takes place annually in Liverpool. These were incredible to be a part of, just because I love movement pieces and the power they can have on an audience. But the impact and size of The Environmentalists is hard to beat. Being on that renowned mainstage and banished to a box of shame for being a climate change non-believer was (rather fittingly) an unbelievable experience. (Just to be clear, that was part of the show, Matt (Rutter, YEP Director) and Tomo didn't just throw me in a box for being lippy). The issues we talked about in the show also genuinely encouraged us, the people who saw it, and the Everyman community to change our habits, and help fix our planet little by little, which is super cool.

Felipe in The Environmentalists at the Everyman. March 2016.
Felipe in The Environmentalists at the Everyman. March 2016.

What difference has being in YEP made to you?

YEP has definitely refined my skills as an actor, especially in terms of working as an ensemble. It also gave me more experience and insight into the real world of auditioning and acting, from all the workshops I have been able to take part in and opportunities I have benefitted from.

What’s your favourite thing about YEP?

My favourite thing about YEP has to be how inclusive it is. Everyone is able to take part in equal measure, and there is not one member of the company which I could not turn to for help or advice. That has to be credit to Matt and Tomo, and because of how close we all are as a group, the general atmosphere for working and developing as a performer is great. It makes it easy to act.

YEP’s first show for this season is The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, what’s it all about? 

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning is all about the soldier whose name is in the title, and his controversial case, as he was accused of leaking classified military logs from the Iraq and Afghan Wars. What's really interesting about Manning is that he was a teenager living in Wales not long ago, and now his life has completely changed. The fact that his roots are so close to home, and that this all happened just 6 years ago should be reason enough to go see what the show is all about. Plus, the bold decision by YEP to give this a stab, as they always do, is just the cherry on top.

What else is coming up for YEP this year?

YEP have some pretty awesome stuff lined up. Frankenstein is bound to be superb, as an all-YEP team tackle it head-first. The mainstage show this year could raise the bar again, and is going to be all about the establishment, its trials, tribulations, woes, but also hopefully happy things that can arise from it.

Outside of YEP shows, what productions are you looking forward to seeing at e&P this season?  

I'm particularly looking forward to the home leg of The Two Gentleman of Verona in terms of up and coming performances. I have a sneaky feeling the return of the play to the Ev will be epic. I also reckon Shakespeare, his Wife and the Dog will be a good one to go see at the Playhouse, especially with the 400th anniversary of big Bill's death, and the play being set in April 1616... Spoiler alert? Also, I've never been to a First Draft Scratch Night [a night in the Ev Bistro showing the city’s latest creative talent] before, which I would love to go to!

What’s your plan for when you leave YEP? 

I guess my plan when I leave YEP is to keep acting as much as I can and keep auditioning for bigger and bigger things if possible. In five years’ time I'd love to be more involved in film and potentially dance, but performing in big things, I don't really mind where! Liverpool, Bristol, maybe even in the US or France, who knows!

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