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The Rivals behind the scenes trailer

Jessica Hardwick (Julia Melville): I think it's about love and actually the craziness that love can bring out in people, whether that's unrequited love, or the sort of madness of the emotions that love gives you. It's love!

Ed Maddden (Assistant Director): The Rivals follows a sort of ensemble cast in 1775, late 18th Century Bath, and their maneuverings and relationships with one another. I guess mostly closely it follows Captain Jack Absolute and the lengths he has to go to to secure the hand of Miss Lydia Languish.

Desmond Barrit (Sir Anthony Absolute): Well I play somebody called Anthony Absolute who's his Father.

Rhys Rusbatch (Captain Jack Absolute): I’m playing Jack Absolute. I'm his son, obviously. I get all my good looks from him! Imagination runs riot. I know, doesn't it!

Lucy Briggs-Owen (Lydia Languish): I think Lydia is great fun. She is a fantasist, she's a stone cold fantasist. The drama that she writes for herself is just delicious to play.

Jessica Hardwick (Julia Melville): I think that people will just come and have a really good laugh.

Desmond Barrit (Sir Anthony Absolute): There's lots of audience interaction. We do talk to the audience.

Julie Legrand (Mrs Malaprop): They're in on the jokes the whole time as where my character hasn't got a clue what's going on.

Jessica Hardwick (Julia Melville): We're all in these incredible, elaborate dresses and we're all are going to look great.

Ed Maddden (Assistant Director): Rumbustious and exciting… wild.

Julie Legrand (Mrs Malaprop): It's all very raw and raunchy.

Desmond Barrit (Sir Anthony Absolute): We'll look reasonably real, the sets will look fantastic and then there's this humour that sort of hits the audience flat in the face.

Julie Legrand (Mrs Malaprop): The language is fabulous and the dynamics between the characters are great. So, I think they'll just have a really raucous, fun night out.

Jessica Hardwick (Julia Melville): Come and see it!