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Ratxit: The Rising of the Rats

Our Outreach Manager, Laura Hall, is currently working with Liverpool Targeted Services for Young People to deliver an intensive and life changing project for a group of eight young men aged 14-17 who had never been to the theatre before.

Summer Arts College 2016 is a three week creative residency at the Everyman. It gives the boys an opportunity to work with different artists and art forms to re-imagine the tale of the Pied Piper.

Their own immersive production; Ratxit: The Rising of the Rats will be performed at the Everyman on Friday 26 August.

The group will create every single element of the production and will not only learn skills for the future but will make new friends and build their confidence, which Laura hopes will encourage them to seek further employment, training or education opportunities.

Over 75% of the participants from Summer Arts College 2015 enrolled in training as a result of the course and 20% of the group joined YEP.