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Frantic Ignition: Coming Back

Michael, 20, is from Doncaster. He is a part of the Frantic Ignition 2015 Company. In this video, he talks about how he first met Frantic in 2012 and kept coming back...

I was 16 and Frantic came into the school. It opened my eyes. I just loved the energy, I wanted to run and jump about.

Me and a couple of my friends went. We were like, first ones there, half an hour early. Although I didn’t do really well, I just loved it. And then I went: Are we going to go back this year again? Everyone said no!

The second time I did it, I felt more just lets focus and do it. The third year, I thought I’m not going to mess up this year! So, I worked hard… started to go the gym. I just missed out and then I was even more determined. I just wanted more of it, I wanted more of that energy.

So, come fourth year, I thought it was the worst audition I’d ever done! I didn’t believe it… I saw a voicemail on my phone and I thought it’d be like a “yeah, we feel really bad that you did it four years and we’re saying no, so we just thought a courtesy call.”  But, it was “we’re giving you a shot”.

I said I won’t let you down, I’m going to put everything into it. I was so chuffed to get in. Every time I’ve gone, there’s been something different, something new.

If you didn’t get in, just do it again! You will change. If you come back next year, it shows you the sort of person you are. If you’re willing to come back, willing to put more into it, you will shine and you will get so much more out of it.