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Video: YEP Directors' Festival 2016

We caught up with Producer Sian Gardiner and Director Philip Davies, the talented team behind Plastic Figurines at this year's YEP Directors' Festival.

How did it feel to be a part of this year's YEP Directors' Festival?

Philip: It was an amazing opportunity to be honest to kind of actually put something on at the Everyman

How did you get involved with YEP?

Philip: I came in one day and was actually asking about acting opportunities. I love film, television and theatre and I just wanted to get involved and be actively doing something. I was too old for the acting course but then someone suggested the maybe the directing course...

Sian: I'd just finished uni and done another course afterwards and I didn't really know what a producer was but I kind of was curious about what it could be and if maybe I could do it.

What's the best thing about YEP?

Sian: YEP has given us the opportunity to try out a role and have the responsibility of a role but also to have all the support and help that you might need alongside. Obviously,I wouldn't have been able to just go and apply to be a producer professionally, so doing it as part of YEP has been really helpful for me to get that experience.

Philip: It opens up a lot of opportunities and a lot of chances to get some good work experience. One of the actors who were actually in Plastic Figurines has been asked to come along and get involved with YEP.

Sian: Just meeting all other YEP members, all the staff, and just sort of creating those bonds... I know that all of the people I've worked with  on all of the productions that I've done (because I'm a second year) all the things  at YEP, I'll always keep in contact with those people   because I've learnt from them and they've learnt from me and we can always work together again.

Philip: It's been the best thing I've ever done and I mean I went to University, I've done college, A Levels... but this has been the most educational in respect of actually learning what it's going to be like to be involved in this industry and ultimately put shows on for people to see.