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Launch: Work Bard Play Bard 2016

We're full of the delights of Shakespeare this season with Spy Monkey delivering The Complete DeathsNorthern Broadsides bringing us The Merry Wives, our Associate Director Nick Bagnall rehearsing The Two Gentlemen of Verona and of course the Globe presenting The Merchant of Venice.

Work Bard Play Bard, our Shakespeare Festival for schools, will this year focus on The Merchant of Venice. We are thrilled that eight schools have joined with us for this fantastic opportunity to work and perform at the Everyman.

Last week, the schools met for the first time and took part in a number of workshops on the context, themes and practical guidance on improvisation and devising. The schools are now working on their response to the play and will present their own individual and unique work on stage on Tue 12 Jul. There will be a matinée for schools family, friends and schools followed by a public performance in the evening.