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Make Your Pledge

This week, YEP present a brand new - in more ways than one - production all about the environment! The Environmentalists promises to be a funny, heart-warming theatrical adventure with the aim of simply encouraging people to consider the effect we have on the world we share.

The production team are working hard to make The Environmentalists carbon neutral, creating set, props and costumes entirely from recycled materials and encouraging audience members to join walking buses to the theatre.

We caught up with Producer Michelle Grant to find out more:

"Since rehearsals started, we've been calculating everything - from how much electricity we have used, to how actors have made their way to rehearsals - so we can offset against all carbon used. To offset this, we're planning to plant trees while YEP Actors and e&P staff have pledged to make a change to their daily lives for the week of the show."

"We meet our biggest challenge with audience transport to the show, as this is the biggest carbon output of producing a piece of theatre." 

"We're trying to tackle this by asking audiences to use public transport, walk or cycle to the theatre. City bike are helping us to achieve this with a special £1 offer. Producing a carbon neutral show is a massive task that YEP have taken on with the hope that some factors within our show will resonate with future main house productions in theatre."

The Environmentalists is a show with a social conscience. So roll up, get your tickets and be a part of the first ever carbon neutral piece of theatre. Take part by watching the show, making a pledge and sharing it with us @YoungEveryPlay #TheEnvironmentalists.