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Audience Reaction: The Massive Tragedy of Madame Bovary!

"What surprised me most was all the actors popping up in random places, coming back in at different times... Switching characters so easily was really fun."

"The amount of characters - they all multi-roled ... that takes a lot of skill. I would never expect that from another show, it was just so quick."

"Overall, I thought that the show was very entertaining, very funny and I would recommend it to anyone."

"What I enjoyed most was the combination of the cleverness of the show, the humour and then the meaningful deep conversation... everything just fitting together was really really wonderful."

"Overall I just really enjoyed it. It was a nice way to spend an evening besides going to the cinema or something, it was just much more of a human touch and just really enjoyable."

"I think anyone would enjoy the show, especially if you might not think of yourself as someone who would like to go the theatre or see a play, it’s really accessible and really wonderful."

"It was great, I thought it showed a lot of sides to the characters and the plot."