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Jonathan Holmes

“Jonathan Holmes” and everything else in The Massive Tragedy of Madame Bovary!

Jonathan Holmes
Jonathan Holmes

Theatre credits include: Bah Humbug! (SFU Woodwards, Vancouver); The King and I and Crazy For You (Gateway Theatre, Vancouver); Brief Encounter (Kneehigh/Vancouver Playhouse); Red Light Winter (Havana Theatre, Vancouver); The Thing About Men (Vancouver Arts Club); Jubilee, One Touch Of Venus, DuBarry Was a Lady and By Jupiter (Discover the Lost Musicals/Barbican) and L'Amfiparnaso (Trestle Theatre).

Film credits include: The BFGRembrabdt's J'Accuse, Nightwatching, Partition, Martian Child and Helen.

Television credits include: The Descendants, Almost Human, Rogue, Cult, Once Upon A Time, Fringe, Snow 2, Psych, Terminal City, Reunion, Young Blades, The 4400, Saved, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1 and Cold Squad.