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Raven Maguire on Ignition

Raven Maguire

Describing herself as “a performance poet, aspiring theatre maker and singer-songwriter”, Raven was working at the theatre Box Office when she found out about Ignition.

It was just the opportunity the 21-year-old from Kirkdale was looking for - she had been gaining experience across the Liverpool theatre scene for a few years but was looking to take things to the next level.

Upon graduation from Hugh Baird College, she became involved with youth company 20 Stories High both on and off stage, took part in the Regional Theatre Young Directors Scheme, and had started taking part in slam poetry competitions.

After performing one of her pieces in an Everyword Platform event – a ten minute poem about Nikola Tesla and quantum physics – she was inspired to take that aspect of her artistry further.

“It was just exhilarating. After that I really stepped my game up and it gave me such confidence.”

It was this talent that came to the attention of Nick Bagnall as he was on the lookout for new Ignition Artists.

Keen to improve and develop in all areas of performing, Raven has used some of her bursary to undergo vocal training and through the Everyman’s networks she benefitted from an introduction to Sense of Sound singer Jennifer John, who has mentored her alongside Nick.

“So far Ignition has given me this amazing space and access to work in the Everyman rehearsal room, and the writer’s room, I have been working with Jennifer John, it’s been a proper development process and it’s been really great.”

Raven hopes to showcase her work at the Everyman with a full performance at some point next year.

“This is exactly what I wanted to do – work with professionals and develop myself,” she said. “It’s just amazing. I want to leave this project as a made artist, understanding how the industry works and building a portfolio, so I can go out into the world and do whatever comes my way.”