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Peter Greggs on YEP Communicators

Peter Greggs YEP Communicators
Peter Greggs, former YEP Communicator

Peter Greggs was part of the first intake of YEP Communicators

Now 21, he is the creative manager for Papertwin, an up-and-coming design agency in Liverpool. Peter was a sixth former at a school in Knowsley when he joined YEP, and stayed until the final year of his media production degree at Liverpool John Moores University.

“To be able to work in theatre at such a young age really appealed, but being on stage wasn’t for me.”

“I love theatre with a powerful message, that has people leaving with a different mindset, and I realised that’s the same thing I love about media as well.”

Working with our Communications team, the YEP Communicators played an active role in the launch of YEP and made collective decisions about branding and the promotion of the company’s shows, as well as making short films for our YouTube channel.

 “It was amazing and I do hope to be able to come back and work with YEP again in the future,” Peter says. “Working with the communications team taught me a lot right from the start, and instilled in me a new way of working that is still useful to me today.”