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Lewis Shrigley on YEP Technicians

Lewis Shrigley
Lewis Shrigley in the Everyman

Lewis Shrigley is now in his second year of training as a YEP Technician, and hopes the experience will be the beginning of a career in the industry.

Lewis, 21, from Anfield, initially applied out of curiosity and soon found himself hooked:

“I saw a flyer for YEP and thought I’d give it a go, and right from the start I loved it. I was looking for something hands on and practical, and here you learn something new every day.”

As a YEP Technician, Lewis comes in twice a week to learn from our technical team and so far has worked on more than 20 shows for YEP and other small local companies. The course has taught him all aspects of setting up a show, set lighting and much more.

“I’ve found what I want to do and it’s my aim to get a job in theatre now.” 

“Before doing this I’d never had an interest in it; I’d never even had the chance to see a show, and it was the same with a lot of people I knew. Now I think people are more interested – and I’m always telling them ‘you have to come and see this show, it’s unbelievable’.”