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Michelle Grant on YEP Producers

Michelle Grant

Michelle Grant, 23, is a trainee assistant producer at e&P.

She joined YEP Producers strand after graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in drama. From there, she became interested in pursuing a career behind the scenes.

“I wanted to go into producing but it was very hard to find a way in. I found out about the YEP producers’ strand through friends who were already involved.”

She was one of five people taken on as a YEP Producer last year, and worked on a number of recent productions including Robin Hood, Until They Kick Us Out and The Bacchae, as well as its bi-monthly Scene Change scratch performance evenings.

“YEP taught me enough to be able to come along and succeed in the interview for this job, and I’ve learned so much even in these first few weeks, finding out what you need to do to make a show happen, and how much is involved,” she says. “This has been such a massive opportunity that I never thought would come this quickly."

"It’s an ideal opportunity to boost my career and it is a real bridge between education and employment.”

Michelle recently worked on The Wonderful World of Dissocia at the Playhouse Studio.