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What's on
The Big I Am // reviews

“Every beat of its big brash heart commands your attention”
Liverpool Echo

“A truly epic rollercoaster ride”
“This is the kind of work that the Everyman was built on” The Stage

“This is an anarchic, sensitive and superbly striking last play in the four-strong season”
Wirral Globe

"Wildly inventive, exciting, epic storytelling. Miss it and you’ll regret it"
Arts City Liverpool

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Rehearsal video

Take a look inside the rehearsal room as The Company tackle The Big I Am, play 4 of 4 in the Company season.
Othello // reviews

“Othello triumphantly challenges gender norms with this electric performance at Everyman”
Liverpool ECHO

“Rosheuvel's casting is what makes this Othello such a landmark production.”
What’s On Stage

The Times

“A sumptuous piece of theatre”
Liverpool Sound & Vision

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