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What's on

YEP Writers

Are you interested in theatre making? Would you like to become a playwright?

The Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) Writers Programme is an exciting opportunity to work alongside professional playwrights and theatre practitioners to learn the craft of playwriting. Working alongside our Literary Department and YEP staff, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of playwriting such as theatricality, character, structure and narrative
  • Work alongside professional playwrights and theatre practitioners
  • Read and discuss plays as a group
  • Write monologues, short plays and try out ideas
  • Develop a new, full length play with one-to-one support from our Literary Department

You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with our other YEP strands (Actors, Directors, Producers, Technicians and Communicators), take part in regular events and drop-in sessions, develop an ongoing relationship with our Literary Department and catch a range of theatre with YEP’s fantastic £5 ticket deal.

So, if you’re aged 18-25 and passionate about writing for the stage, the YEP Writers programme could be for you. 

How do you apply?

Applications for YEP Writers will reopen at the end of July 2016.
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