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Melanie La Barrie

Melanie La Barrie

Golde in Fiddler on the Roof
Betts in The Story Giant
Theresa Tago in The Sum
Nurse in Romeo & Juliet

Melanie as Golde in Fiddler on the Roof

“Strong comic timing and believability from Golde, Melanie La Barrie bringing a good rapport with her onstage husband.”
★★★★★ North West End

“The whole cast is brilliant but Melanie La Barrie as Golde, Tevye’s world-weary wife, and Dean Nolan as Motel, the diffident but utterly charming tailor, also deserve a special mention – Nolan’s a big guy but he can’t half throw himself around the stage! Pauline Daniels as matchmaker Yente is also a delight to watch.”
★★★★★ Good News Liverpool

“There are a host of delightful performances, including Dean Nolan’s eager tailor Motel, Melanie La Barrie as Tevye’s long-suffering wife Golde, and newcomer Emily Hughes as Hodel.”
★★★★ Liverpool Echo

Melanie as Betts in The Story Giant
Melanie as Betts in The Story Giant

“Melanie La Barrie excels once again as the bright and eccentric American 11-year old, Betts. We last saw her in a flawless portrayal of tired old housewife and mother-of-five Golde in Fiddler on the Roof, and her ability to embody a wholly convincing and loveable character, who just happens to be 50 years younger than her last role, is just as apparent in her baby pink pyjamas and unicorn slippers”
★★★★★ The Reviews Hub 



Richard Bremmer

“Eloquently masterful” [Reviews Hub], “Measured and precise” [What’sOnStage], our Brem “Injects a lot of class”
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