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The Witches Scheme of Work

Are you a teacher working with younger children?

We've created a scheme of work on the Roald Dahl’s The Witches which you are welcome to use with your classes. The scheme is based around the book, with ideas for you to branch out a bit further into the history of witchcraft or delve in to the world of Shakespeare’s three sisters.

Scheme of Work

FileThe Witches Scheme of Work.docx

Resources to accompany the Scheme of Work:

Office presentation iconThe Witches Scheme of Work PowerPoint History of Witchcraft.ppt
Office presentation iconThe Witches Scheme of Work PowerPoint about The Pendle Witches.ppt
FileThe Witches Scheme of Work Activity 2.docx
FileThe Witches Images for Witch Hunt.docx
Microsoft Office document iconThe Witches Scheme of Work Macbeth Act 1 Sci IV - The Witches.doc



Our theatre practitioners can deliver workshops based around the scheme of work:
Cost £150 + VAT for 2 hour workshop
When Upon request
Where School
For Years 4, 5, 6

Please contact Allan Williams, our Education Manager, via email at [email protected] to find out more.