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Dean Nolan

Dean Nolan

Motel in Fiddler on the Roof
Slupianek in The Conquest of the South Pole
Bryn Hughes in The Sum
Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet

Dean as Motel in Fiddler on the Roof

“Dean Nolan gives a joyously feisty and astonishingly physical Motel”
The Stage

“Dean Nolan stumbles and tumbles with geeky grace”
The Times

“There are a host of delightful performances, including Dean Nolan’s eager tailor Motel"
★★★★ Liverpool Echo

“Aside from Brennan’s Tevye, act 1 belongs to Dean Nolan’s Motel: a shy and bumbling St Bernard puppy whose delight and amazement at winning the hand of Tzeitel (“Miracle of Miracles”) is a joy to behold.”
British Theatre Guide

“Another stand out performance of the evening was Motel played by Dean Nolan, a really refreshing burst of light hearted comedy in an otherwise serious storyline.”  
★★★★★ North West End

Dean Nolan in The Conquest of the South Pole. Photograph by Gary Calton.
Dean Nolan in The Conquest of the South Pole. Photograph by Gary Calton.

“Dean Nolan gives us an energetic, yearning bear of a man in Slupianek”
British Theatre Guide

“Dean Nolan takes the central role, vividly capturing Slupianek’s powerful, inspirational personality, with its combustible mix of determination and anger.”
Merseysider Magazine

“Karge's language really leaps out from the page and is delivered brilliantly by Nolan, who has a natural talent for comedy timing and really highlights the pockets of poetic brilliance that lies within this play”
★★★★ Liverpool Arts Scene


Dean Nolan

A joyously feisty, physical Motel” [Stage], “Yearning bear of a man in Slupianek” [BTGuide] & “A terrific Mercutio” [Times]
The Conquest of the South Pole // reviews

"It’s impossible not to be moved by these dreamers"
The Guardian

"Brilliantly-acted, thought-provoking theatre”
Good News Liverpool

“A great production with a lot of heart”
North West End

“A vivid revival of Manfred Karge’s surreal and anarchic exploration of despair”
The Stage

“Determinably different”
The Reviews Hub

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