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Cottesbrook Place

A group of children, identified by Cobalt Housing, were causing serious damage to disused houses in Norris Green, putting themselves at risk and causing distress to people in the local neighbourhood. The children and their families had been issued with ABCs, so we engaged with them as a condition of their order.

The approach was restorative, working with the community to solve the issues and restore harmony. With artist Liz Harry, the children created artwork to completely cover the boardings around the disused houses using lyrics from the song “Our House” by Madness.

As part of the process the children agreed rules which challenged their behaviour. Through the project five of the eight children were supported into the Art Valley art club and subsequently two of the children returned to mainstream school. The restorative approach enabled local people to see that the children needed positive activities to channel their destructive behaviour into creativity. Their creativity also visually improved the area.