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Asha Kingsley

Asha Kingsley

Mordcha in Fiddler on the Roof
Rani in The Story Giant
Faisa Ahmed in The Sum
Lady Capulet in Romeo & Juliet

Asha as Mordcha in Fiddler on the Roof




Asha as Rani in The Story Giant
Asha as Rani in The Story Giant

“But just as the Story Giant requires a new original story to complete his library, this lineup of talent requires a shooting star of brilliance that comes in the form of Asha Kingsley as Rani, the 9-year old Indian hotel laundry worker whose love of stories inspires us all to love stories too. From her expressive opening monologue and through all of her many colourful characters, she sets the bar for how magical reading can be, in a passionate and enchanting display”
★★★★★ The Reviews Hub 

“Asha Kingsley’s serene Rani, who works in a Patna laundry but whose imagination cannot be contained within its four steamy walls”
★★★★ Arts City Liverpool


Asha Kingsley

“Asha Kingsley’s serene Rani” [Arts City Liverpool] is “A shooting star of brilliance” [Reviews Hub]
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