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Afro Reggae

Afro Reggae is an internationally renowned social movement with the motto “Culture is our Weapon”. They have over 70 projects in the favelas of Rio and a world-famous and acclaimed touring band. They successfully engage young drug traffickers and gang members using percussion, dance, circus and theatre.

The realities of the social issues faced by young men in the favelas are more extreme than those facing young men in Liverpool, yet there are clear parallels. A radical plan to develop our practice and to collaboratively hit target areas of anti-social behaviour and risk was supported by Liverpool Primary Care Trust in a four-week summer residency.

An evening programme of “on the street” conversations with ex-offenders and gang members centred round football, drumming, circus, breakdance demonstrations.  Activities engaged NEET and ‘at risk’ young people in Everton, Anfield, Toxteth, Speke, Kirkdale, Croxteth, Sparrowhall and Norris Green.