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What's on

What the Press Say

“Still a play for today… In Gemma Bodinetz’s beautifully paced production, Willy Russell’s 1979 two-hander emerges evergreen”
The Sunday Times on Educating Rita


“There was, of course, a standing ovation - for the actors, director Gemma Bodinetz, Willy Russell, and for Liverpool” on Educating Rita

“Punky portrait of Liverpool”
The Guardian on Bright Phoenix


“It is a joyful and moving night out”
The Daily Mail on Juno and the Paycock


“Would I go and see this sprawling but invigorating evening again? Like a shot.”
The Times on Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs)


“The Everyman, recently reopened after a handsome renovation, does itself — and its city — a power of good with this brave yet affectionate play”
The Daily Mail on Hope Place


“These are clearly the beginnings of exciting times for the theatre – one which aims to remain indivisible from the people of the city it serves”
The Independent on Twelfth Night


“The success of Haworth Tompkins’ newly restored Everyman owes everything to the understanding of the institution, its place and the people of Liverpool.  It is a building for the people.”
The Australian Design Review on the new Everyman, April 2014


“As good a new theatre as I have seen in England, as serious, complex, thoughtful and, occasionally, beautiful that wraps the user in a warm embrace. It is a good place to be.”
Icon Magazine on the new Everyman, April 2014


“It’s clear that an enormous amount of love and care has gone into crafting a theatre which will not only be fit for the 21st century but will also celebrate the very best of its brilliant history.”
Liverpool Echo on the new Everyman, March 2014