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What's on

What Artists Say

“It’s a vibrant, living thing this theatre: full of stories old and new, big and small and like the sign says above the door it is, and always has been, there for everyone.”
Leanne Best, Actress

“The Everyman provided me and many others with the courage to follow our dreams and pursue a career in theatre. Now it can do the same for a whole new generation and act as a creative heart in the city.”
David Morrissey, Actor

“The work they (Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse) do there is amazing…The quality is London standard, and I don’t mean that in a snobby way, but a lot of top actors don’t leave London and it’s very difficult to get them to come as far north as Liverpool. But the theatres have got such a good reputation now that the work is getting better and better.”
Neil Caple, Actor

“Everyword has been crucial to my development over the past two years.  It has given me the opportunity to work practically with actors and directors to stir up future ideas and experience what the rehearsal room process is like for the writer.  It has had a real impact on the huge mix of industry professionals I have been able to learn from and I have always come away feeling truly inspired and encouraged to push myself further. It remains a highlight of my year.”
Kellie Smith, Writer

“As an actor what mattered most about the Everyman was the soul and spirit of the place, which gave you the ability to be right – or wrong. I would not be as brave as an actor if it were not for being here.”
Pete Postlethwaite, Actor

“The Everyman is one of the best examples of a true people's theatre in the country.”
Jonathan Pryce, Actor