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NW Security Group Webcam

Thanks to our friends at NW Security Group, you can watch Hope Street from the Everyman rooftop webcam.

This webcam was originally deployed during the redevelopment of the Everyman, to capture progress of the demolition and construction work, and to help keep our supporters updated and engaged during the project. The live video stream is provided using the Streamdays service from NW Security Group. During the redevelopment work, the webcam helped to support our fundraising efforts by providing eye-catching imagery which was featured in local press. The BBC even used a timelapse recording of the project in their coverage!

NW Security Group is the leader in security provisioning in the North West and their expertise in the use of IP video technology led to the development of the Streamdays service which allows organisations to easily stream high-quality live video and share it via their website. The service is ideally suited to the leisure, tourism and hospitality sectors, allowing iconic and fascinating scenes to be shared with viewers from around the world.