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Lancashire. 1913. Match Day!

Blackton Rovers is in need of money. Owner, Austin Whitworth, sells his star centre forward – local football hero Jack Metherell – to a rival club on the eve of a crucial match that could see Rovers relegated to the 2nd Division. Will honest Jack do Austin’s bidding when asked to throw the match? Or will he put his professional honour above loyalty to his old club?

From the halcyon days of professional football where players were working class heroes and people were supposed to ‘know their place’ comes Harold Brighouse's spirited comedy that combines broad northern humour with the passion, pride, prejudice and principles of two football families.

Northern Broadsides make a welcome return to Liverpool for the third time this year following Medea and The Canterbury Tales.

A Northern Broadsides production directed by Barrie Rutter.


100 Years of Football - What's Changed?

A fascinating pre show discussion about football then and now
Wed 22 Sep at 6.15pm
Come and share your stories and learn about what football was like in 'the good old days' with The Game director Barrie Rutter, cast member Roy North and football historian Dr Rogan Taylor from the University of Liverpool. Bring your photos and mementos (available to ticket holders only.)

The Game

Tue 21 Sep to Sat 25 Sep at the Playhouse

Evenings: Tue to Sat at 7.30pm

Matinees: 1.30pm on 23 Sep, 2pm on 25 Sep

Tickets: £10-£20

Age: 8+

Running time: 2 hours 5 mins (incl. one 5 min pause and one 15 min interval.)

Afterwords: Tue 21 Sep

Listen to our audio guide version of The Game

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  • Barrie Rutter (Austin Whitworth)-®nc-the game-002
  • ©nc-reh game-120-Catherine Kinsella & Phil rowson
  • Liz Carney & Jos Vantyler -®nc-the game-011
  • ©nc-reh game-141141 Barrie Rutter  Wendi Peters & Catherine Kinsella
  • Matt Sutton, Phil Rowson & Barrie Rutter -®nc-the game-020
  • ®nc-reh game-074-Phil Rawson John Bramwell & Barrie Rutter

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