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Final performance of The Caretaker in Australia

Posted by Rehearsal Room on 23rd Mar 2012 at 16:04 | 0 comments

Tonight is our final performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide, and although we’re all very excited to be moving on to San Francisco we’ve been cramming our final days with as much Australia as we can manage. From the Art Gallery to the Botanical Gardens via the Wildlife Park; we’ve sampled the Barrossa Valley wines, hand fed Kangaroos and dipped our toes in the ocean.

The weather in Adelaide has gone from the wonderfully sublime to the overwhelmingly ridiculous. We’ve had mostly long dry sunny Australian days, and one afternoon of monsoon rain so terrible you’d forgive Davies for not going to Sidcup! We’re now damp and sunburnt in equal measure.

Of course what we’ve really been here to do is more than cuddle Koalas and listen to the parrots in the trees, and each night we have come back together from our sightseeing trips to work and to The Caretaker. Our wonderful crew here have really looked after us, and we will be sad to say goodbye to them this evening.

I love this play, and each night my favourite part changes; sometimes it’s Davies story of trying to get free shoes from a monastery, sometimes the first of only two moments that all three character inhabit the room (Sound Cue 27, a drip, for those of you who are curious!) – often it’s the final moment of the play where Davies pleads with Aston for another chance and he and the audience are left to wonder forever what might happen next. On my monitor screens this production is a series of watercolour paintings, on Eileen Diss’ stunning set, beautifully lit by Colin Grenfell. Eileen is a remarkable designer, and we’re all very sorry she could come out on tour with us. Instead we have crates of her fat, happy Buddha’s with us; and today, despite the rain, to wave Adelaide farewell and show Eileen what her creations have been up to, one of the lucky few still left intact has travelled the city to Glenelg and back to see the Ocean and feel the sand between his tiny toes!

Buddha in Australia

And so we await our final Australian audience this evening, to transport them to Aston’s room and hope that they enjoy themselves as much as the hundreds others have so far. Whether at Stage Door each night, or in the Metropolitan pub or during the day on one of the cities free trams; audience members stop the company to thank and congratulate them on the production and their performances. From the young people’s Theatre Company who drove literally for hours to see us, to the wonderful woman in her 80’s who had spent the morning rereading the play before coming to see the show, we have been touched by people’s responses and although we are sad to say goodbye to Adelaide, we are so thrilled to be flying out to take this very special production to America!


Roxanne Vella
Deputy Stage Manager


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