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‘I’m sure most of you remember most of this, but just in case you were wandering out about in some sort of self-induced coma ..’

It’s September 1997, and a wannabe Brit pop hanger on is struggling to write a book about the excesses of the time. And then it happens. Princess Diana is killed in a car crash in a Parisian subway. The country goes into grief frenzy meltdown.

He goes in search of a subject to say something about something about where we’re at.

‘Because, Princess Diana, I didn’t hate her or nothing. She was just some cartoon creation knocking about on the front of the tabloids every other minute. I did watch some of that programme where she looked dead scary, and dished the dirt on the rest of the waxworks. But apart from that, seriously, I was not arsed. So, why, I asked myself, was I now stood there, in the middle of this model village of maudlin tat, bawling my eyes out.’

A one man tour de force that is affectionate, deeply scurrilous, and very funny.

Written by Robert Farquhar (Dead Heavy Fantastic, Gods Official, The Art of Falling Apart) and performed by Francis Tucker, who is well-known to Liverpool audiences as playing the Dame in the Everyman Playhouse rock and roll panto for the past ten years.

Star 5 What's On Stage
Star 5 Click Liverpool
Star 4.5 The Public Reviews
8 / 10 Liverpool ECHO
9 / 10 Liverpool Confidential


A Peccadillo Theatre Company Production


Di is Dead

Wed 17 to Sat 27 Apr in the Playhouse Studio

Evenings: Mon-Sat at 7.45pm

Matinée: Sat 27 Apr at 2.30pm

Tickets: £10

Age: 16+ (contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature)

Running time: 80mins



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  • Francis Tucker in Di Is Dead (c) Brian Roberts
  • Francis_Tucker in Di_Is_Dead (c) Brian Roberts
  • Francis Tucker in Di Is Dead (c) Brian Roberts
  • Francis Tucker in Di_Is_Dead (c) Brian Roberts

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