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Held rehearsals - week 2

Posted by Rehearsal Room on 30th Oct 2012 at 18:08 | 0 comments

Hi, so last week was the second week of rehearsals and the shape of the play is now becoming really apparent.

Director Lorne Campbell with Pauline Daniels - Held Rehearsals (c) Christian Smith
Lorne with Pauline Daniels in rehearsals for Held

Director Lorne Campbell is working with the actors on the voice, placing different aspects of the character in different parts of the vocal range. A key part of the play is the loss of control that accompanies dementia and also the loss of control that family members feel when dealing with it. We are working on the loss of control through different techniques, including experimenting with voice. It’s interesting to me how much these changes affect the emotional colour of the play, a small vocal change can pitch the characters from grown-ups having a minor disagreement to children squabbling in a playground. It really feeds into ideas within the play that centre around family, when brothers argue, whether they’re fifty or fifteen, they use certain ploys and tactics and these remain constant over time.

 Alan Stocks, Pauline Daniels & Ged McKenna  - Held Rehearsals (c) Christian Smith
Alan Stocks, Pauline Daniels and Ged McKenna in rehearsals for Held

On Thursday we rehearsed in front of a small audience and this really changed the atmosphere. The design of the set means the audience are intimately involved in the play and so this really fed into the energy of the piece. It was lovely to see moments where there seemed to be a sense of communion between the actors and the audience. After the rehearsal, Lorne and I, fielded questions from the audience and these were really helpful. It’s always interesting to hear other people’s opinions on the characters and what aspects of the play that really stood out to them or intrigued them. There were also people who had heard the reading of the play last year at Everyword and it was interesting to hear from them how they thought the play had changed.

I can’t really believe that the first preview is next week, the rehearsal process seems to move at a speed all of its own.

I am really looking forward to it!


Joe Ward Munrow
Writer, Held

All images Christian Smith


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