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Arts Club at The Pad

Posted by Community Blogger on 11th Feb 2013 at 18:15 | Community | 0 comments

The Pad 6

In my first week I ran 'getting to know' you workshops whereby the children drew 5 hobbies and interests on a reflective board and then stood in front of their drawings so it was reflecting them. They presented their work to the rest of the group. Some chose to dance and sing and perform their interests and hobbies. Which was FAB!

The Pad 2The Pad 3

This week we started doing abstract animation. Drawing a red sculpture using black and white chalk only, linking in with the William Kentridge Exhibition at The Bluecoat. The Pad 5They drew the picture, I took a snapshot of their sketch, they went back, rubbed it out and drew it again, took a snapshot again and we did this 5 times. SO when I feed their pictures into the Animation programme their squiggly picture should hopefully move. Fingers crossed! 

The Pad 7

Watch this space.


Jubeda Khatun
Art Valley Outreach Co-ordinator


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